Psychic awakening: A 3-D realm of space and time

One of the most rewarding feelings in the universe is to receive the fruit of your hard work. One’s constant struggle in life is to attain peace and self-satisfaction. This is why one must know the psychic awakening signs so they can recognize them when they encounter them. It is the result of your hard work and sincere efforts, which will make you feel happy and satisfied. And it also motivates them to continue with their training and practice. 

What is spiritual/psychic awakening?

Psychic awakening relates to the activation of the higher level of the Pineal gland, wherein we open to other dimensions of reality beyond this. It is a 3-Dimensional realm of space and time. Whereas spiritual awakening, in contrast, involves the opening of the heart center (i.e., Chakra). It’s a process more closely associated with one’s psychology and emotional path of the soul.

Why do people go through this stage?

The main reason, according to scientists, is significant life changes, tragedies, loss of a closely related person. Trauma and relationship troubles can also put one through this stage. These can often trigger a person to a new outlook. It only occurs when the soul is ready to undergo the process of transformation. Sometimes, it happens because of the last birth vibrations which they get at the early stages of life. It is a chaotic and intense process.

What conditions can trigger a psychic awakening process?

An individual can undergo these changes when

  • They are despondent about life and are unhappy for no reason. They start to feel unsupported, frustrated, and left-out.
  • Activation of Chakras 
  • They start experiencing mixed emotions, and everything around them seems challenging.
  • Nature attachment detaches them from people.
  • Start recognizing that thoughts, emotions, and feelings shape reality.

So, what are the psychic awakening symptoms you might experience?

Awakening symptoms

Feelings of pressure/heaviness

Here you might feel a kind of sensation of an increasing burden on your head, more particularly, in the middle of the forehead/middle of the eye. It won’t be painful but might be slightly discomforting as if energy transformation is taking place. The psychic sign directly means that your mind is opening up to your internal energy, to the universal energy, and becoming sensitive to the energy around you. It will help you effectively use these forms of energy as you perform any psychic task like telekinesis, psychokinesis

The way to utilize these forms of energy is explained in great detail in miracle mastery to help one tap into their powers from one kind to another kind of revelation of transforming energy.

Feeling intuitive

You might suddenly begin to feel as though you are becoming double-minded regarding your attitude towards people while making a decision. This feeling is not because your decision-making ability is affected, but your instincts are sharpening, you are becoming more intuitive. So, you feel reluctant to do a task you were eager about before. You may also start to feel reserved around a person. You might be great friends with them, but do not worry, these are just instincts and people perception sharpening, something that will help you greatly later!

Attracted to positivity

One of the psychic awakening symptoms is attraction towards positive feelings and trying to run away from negativity. Some emotions might be very pronounced, for instance, not wanting to stay in a room where people are arguing or where someone is complaining or back-biting about someone else. Others might be subtle, for example, wishing to leave a room without any apparent reason or wanting to stay with a person you may be better off without. 

Avoiding junk food

You might think what is the point of food in these psychic symptoms. Yes, there is. The body is an object where everything is restored. When you’re awakening internally, your body helps you externally, which is one of the healthiest psychic symptoms.

You will see yourself drawing away from unhealthy foods like junk food, fried food, and opting for healthy options like fruits, leafy vegetables, and proteins, among others. It is your body-a vehicle to clean up and get energy for psychic abilities.

These are all psychic signs that help you draw a positive form of energy because all types of superpowers listed in miracle mastery that you attempt upon doing require positive forms of energy. So, if you begin to sense any of these, this is a miracle mastery where we need not worry. All it takes is control and practice.

Rejoice these changes while you feel.

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