Do AirPods cause cancer? Is it safe to use them?

Computers, TV, smartphones are all part of our life now. Previously we had wires connecting them for smoother communication and transition between the devices. It always feels nice to have a wireless interaction and less mess. As an answer to this problem, the improvised technology introduced
Bluetooth into the market. Bluetooth makes communication much simpler by radio-wave technology. This technology emits radiation but on a very small distance. AirPods work using Bluetooth and thus emit radiation. So the question here is can AirPods cause cancer?

Can radiations emitted by AirPods cause cancer?

The sales of the AirPods have increased in recent months. AirPods are much smaller in size and more comfortable making it the right choice for calls and music outdoors, without the disturbance of a wire. AirPods also uses radio-wave technology for interaction with the smartphone.

Many fear the AirPods are harmful as they emit radiation. But, the radiation by the wireless headsets is less than a call on a smartphone. The mobile on a call has to carry the signals all the way to the base station and back. The AirPods work on a small distance between the ear and the mobile. Less is the distance, less harmful is the radiation. Ironically, using your smartphone close to your eyes causes more damage than the Bluetooth effect. The effect of these radiations is in fact, negligible compared to the UV radiations by the sun, X-rays, and Gamma rays.

However, the only problem is the location of AirPods. It is risky to place an object known to emit radiation right in the ear-close to the brain. The other issues include the ear canal damage with long-term usage. The comfort of a wireless headset is so good, that people tend to forget they still have them in their ear. Anyway, it is better to use them for short intervals during the day. If you are a long-term headset user, then it is best to use a wired set just to be safe. Besides, there is no concrete evidence to prove AirPods cause cancer either.

Where do AirPods/wireless headsets stand on the chart of radiation-emitting devices?

The Bluetooth devices give out very little radiation compared to that of cell phones. Hence, they stand very low on the chart. Whereas, other devices like WiFi, TV, laptops emit more and stand high on the chart.

Can sleep near mobiles and AirPods cause cancer?

Laptops and mobile phones emit a considerable amount of radiation. It is best not to sleep with these devices next to you.

Mobile phones

Sleeping with Bluetooth, WiFi, and normal mode turned on is not safe. If you have a weak signal, turn off your mobile before sleeping, else, your mobile emits more radiation trying to connect to a better signal the whole night. It has the same consequence of trying to connect to a stable WiFi network. If you have a call at night, it means the mobile emits more radio frequencies to the base station and back to connect the call.

These frequencies can damage your health. If you have a Bluetooth device connected, for example, a smartwatch or a Fit-bit, and want it to be connected the whole night; make sure you have the device in the range of Bluetooth connection. If not, the Bluetooth will spend the whole night trying to connect to the device.


Laptops are the bigger culprits here. The heat generated is very harmful. The LCD screens also emit radiation. In addition, using it late at night can cause sleep disturbances, migraines, and eye-strain.

Besides, the good news here is that the radiation is not ionizing but is non-ionizing which is less harmful comparatively.

What could happen if the radiation is intense?

All objects emit radiation. Most of them contain natural radioactive atoms. We encounter them in everyday life and chores. They are harmless. High-intensity radiations are the major culprits. For example, X-rays, Gamma rays, UV rays. The adverse effects are:-

  • Mutations and cancer: Radiation can result in the breaking of chemical bonds in the DNA resulting in mutations and interference with replication. The cells gradually die and form a cluster resulting in tumors and can eventually cause cancer.
  • Radiation sickness: It is a direct consequence of high-intensity radiation for a short time. The damage is directly proportional to the amount of radiation absorbed.
  • Skin problems: More radiation can cause pigmentation and skin damage. Laptops generate more heat and can affect our lap i.e ‘toasted skin syndrome‘. After a long call, the same result is witnessed.
  • Sleep disturbance: Exposure to the radiation interferes with the circadian cycle and insomnia in some cases.
  • Low sperm count and motility: A direct influence of laptop radiation is low sperm count and low motility.
  • Do not use a laptop on your lap when pregnant: We usually use the laptop on our lap and it moves down to our abdomen with comfort. It is known to result in miscarriages as well. It is better to use radiation-absorbing cloth.

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