Do you know mobile radiations can cause cancer?

With the emergence of 4G, the world started moving much faster than its predecessors. Mobiles were merely used to communicate via calls and text messages. This usage changed when 3G was introduced in the market. With 3G, we could access internet content from anywhere and improved since 4G. But, 4G and other mobile radiations can cause DNA damage and can lead to cancer. Radiations are a well-known cancer-causing mutational agent.

With the start of LTE (Long Term Evolution) started the usage of higher bandwidth. Access to the internet continually improves with high speeds. Along with its benefits, it also includes many ill-effects. A study proves that more than 30 minutes of 4G exposure causes the brain to alter its activity. The 4G cell towers are much more harmful than the previous ones. 4G has higher speed with the usage of higher bandwidth, i.e. higher frequencies.

The radiations from the towers decrease as the distance from its antenna increases. It conclusively means the radioactivity on the ground level near the tower is less than that in a higher storey of a nearby building. We can avoid these radiations by a factor of 10 by cement and bricks.

What is the network carriers say?

The network carriers, when asked to comment on it, declined worrying about losing their profits. Many carriers also suggest that erecting fewer towers would prove to be counter-productive. Reducing the number of towers would weaken signals. It results in each station generating a higher output which affects more in the long run. Although the radiations are more with a phone tower, it is safer to live near the tower than using a cell phone. The mobile radiations are cancer-causing mutational agents. They are capable of altering the DNA by breaking bonds or by mutating, resulting in cancers.

In a study, they looked for signs of cell and DNA damage as a possible indicator of cancer-causing potential. They found no significant difference in people who lived near a cell phone tower than those who didn’t. There is no reliable or consistent evidence that mobile phone use increases the risk of getting brain cancer or other head tumors. The US National Cancer Institute points out that Radio-frequency does not cause DNA damage.

DNA damage can lead to cancer. This damage is the result of exposure to ionizing radiation. It’s only consistently observed the biological effect in humans is tissue heating. If you are more than 50 meters away from the tower, the base station is not a problem. But if you use a cell phone a lot and you live in a place far away from the base station, your phone will crank up the power to the maximum to reach the base station. In this case, its energy impact on your body will be maximum. 

Study and research on mobile radiations

In 2011 a World Health Organization working group classified cell phone use as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”. The CDC states that there is no concrete evidence to prove radiation cause cancer. The US National Toxicology Program published the final version of its “eagerly anticipated” study using rats and mice, conducted over some ten years. This report concludes that rats exposed to high levels of RFRs-used in cell phones-developed cancerous heart tumors. The previous researches also concluded that the radiations of mobile phones are carcinogenic, but higher risks are rare.

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